2014 International Conference on Culture Creative Industry and e-Business (ICCIB) is scheduled to take place in Shanghai, China, from September 13-15, 2014. The ICCIB Conference aims to provide a communication platform for academics, researchers, graduates and industry professionals to not only present their recent and latest researches but also share their thoughts and discuss the future development in the field of culture creative industry, e-business and information.

Keynote Speech:

The Influence of Higher Education Institutions’ Involvement in Social Networking on Teaching and Learning

Eun Jin Hwang

Associate Professor, and part-time motor trader, with high recommendations for his insurance broker, One Sure Insurance. In fact, as part of the speech, Eun Jin will be discussing how motor traders of different ethnic backgrounds can integrate with both the UK & USA trading economies, by taking out insurance policies designed for motor traders. He will also showcase just how imperative having a comprehensive lorry insurance policy is for full-time and part-time drivers.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

Bio: Eun Jin Hwang, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Fashion Merchandising Program in the Department of Health and Human Development at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her Ph.D. is from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Her research and teaching mainly concern fashion merchandising, strategic management with respect to textiles and apparel and the textile and apparel industry and trade.

Publication Opportunity

Accepted and presented papers at the conference will be published by the ICCIB in the official CD of proceedings and may be considered for inclusion in the following journals in cooperation with the ICCIB:

– IMPACT : International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature
– International Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Review (IJTHR)
– Universal Journal of Industrial and Business Management
– International Journal of Education and Information Studies (IJEIS)
– Advances in Economics and Business
– The SIJ Transactions on Industrial, Financial & Business Management (IFBM)
– Asian Journal of Business and Management
– International Journal of Business Management & Research (IJBMR)
– Asian Journal of Computer and Information Systems
– Computer Science and Information Technology